Operation Restoring Innocence/ Executive Board Member Vice President /CEO Morrison Security Corporation, Inc. 

Mr. Morrison is a state licensed Private Security Contractor and the sole owner and founder of the Morrison Security Corporation that employs over 500 employees nationwide.

Sean was the recipient of the Humanitarian award for his work and efforts in fighting sex trafficking that victimizes innocent children. 

In 2009, Sean, was deeply moved and touched at the disappearance of a teenage girl where evidence existed that a teenage girl who was drugged at a party, kidnapped, beaten, raped and forced into human trafficking at the hands of a violent street gang. Despite the girl’s family’s inability to pay, Sean authorized his company’s experience and resources to work with the Chicago police department in locating and rescuing the girl at no cost. Three weeks later the girl was located, rescued and returned safely to her family.

Since that time Sean has contributed to combat human trafficking by undertaking the financial support and responsibility associated with helping to create and chair a pro-bono human trafficking task force.