Operation Restoring Innocence/ Executive Board Member Vice President /CEO Morrison Security Corporation, Inc. 

Mr. Morrison is a state licensed Private Security Contractor and the sole owner and founder of the Morrison Security Corporation that employs over 500 employees nationwide.

Sean was the recipient of the Humanitarian award for his work and efforts in fighting sex trafficking that victimizes innocent children. 

In 2009, Sean, was deeply moved and touched at the disappearance of a teenage girl where evidence existed that a teenage girl who was drugged at a party, kidnapped, beaten, raped and forced into human trafficking at the hands of a violent street gang. Despite the girl’s family’s inability to pay, Sean authorized his company’s experience and resources to work with the Chicago police department in locating and rescuing the girl at no cost. Three weeks later the girl was located, rescued and returned safely to her family.

Since that time Sean has contributed to combat human trafficking by undertaking the financial support and responsibility associated with helping to create and chair a pro-bono human trafficking task force.

Operation Restoring Innocence / Executive Board Member President / Community Activist 

Mr. Holmes is a well-known community activist in the Chicago land area whose tireless effort and tenacity to fight violent crimes against the community has led to the safe recovery of several missing and endangered children throughout the city of Chicago and in Cook County. In September of 2011, Andrew was the recipient of the 2011 Crime Stoppers award. On February 19, 2014, Cook County Board Commissioners passed a resolution recognizing Andrew for his work with the FBI and Chicago Police Department in assisting with the recovery of young victims of kidnapping and human trafficking. Chicago Mayor, Rahm Emanuel proclaimed February 26, 2014 to be “Andrew Holmes Day” in the city of Chicago.

Andrew is also a licensed private investigator. Andrew works as the liaison between the organization’s clients, phone center, general public, law enforcement, the State’s Attorney’s Office and the media to insure that proper and accurate information is being collected and disseminated. Andrew also coordinates the organization’s speaking events, training seminars, charity events, and press releases. Andrew commits most of his time working the streets distributing community alert flyers, following up on various tips that are called into the tip line phone center and the streets conducting covert surveillance in an effort to locate and identify victims of human trafficking.

Operation Restoring Innocence / Executive Board Member Vice President / CEO Total Protection Consultants, Inc.

Mr. Rodriguez is a state licensed Private Detective and the owner and founder of Total Protection Consultants, Inc. a full service licensed and insured detective agency.

After completing high school, Carlos enlisted in the United States Marine Corps where he served in a top security capacity. After being honorably discharged, Carlos pursued a law enforcement career and attended the University of Illinois, where he earned his law enforcement certification. As a sworn law enforcement officer, Carlos earned many accommodations and awards of excellence for saving lives. Carlos worked as a Street Gang Crimes Investigator and was very effective in preventing the distribution of narcotics and weapons among the violent street gangs.

Carlos utilizes his many years of training and experience to meet the client's needs. Carlos has conducted numerous murder, kidnapping, rape, robbery, and extortion investigations. His extensive experience enables him to effectively head up all major investigations, especially those cases that require undercover, covert surveillance, and sting operations work. Carlos’ passion is networking with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to locate, identify and help rescue victims of human trafficking. Carlos leads the investigative team that has been credited with assisting the FBI and Chicago Police Department in the safe recovery of over 100 young victims of kidnapping and human trafficking.

Operation Restoring Innocence Board Member/ Owner of Chicago Metal Supply & Conrad Roofing of Illinois  

Sean Morrison

Andrew Holmes

Boguslaw Bosak

Carlos Rodriguez